Discover our range of glass keyboards.

Tactys manufactures exclusively glass keyboards, as their smooth surface offers the best aseptic effect. It is therefore a strategic choice for the company.

SLIM 711

Compact & ultra-resistant
  • 96 keys
  • Numeric keypad
  • Tap/Top, Lock/in
  • Adjustable volume and sensitivity
  • Dimensions : 380 x 140 x 15 mm
  • 179.00 €

SLIM 1007

Wireless, compact & ultra-resistant
  • 96 keys
  • Numeric pad
  • Tap/Top, Lock/in
  • Adjustable volume and sensitivity
  • Dimensions : 387 x 140 x 14 mm
  • 299.00 €

SLIM 823

  • 96 keys
  • XXL Touchpad
  • Numeric keypad
  • Tap/Top, Lock/in
  • Adjustable volume and sensitivity
  • Dimensions : 437 x 140 x 14 mm
  • 249.00 €


Discover our range of waterproof medical mice.

Like keyboards, mice that are in constant contact with the hands can be vectors of germ transmission. Our medical mice are waterproof to ensure complete disinfection between uses. They are designed to be cleaned regularly and to resist disinfectants.


WM 68

  • Mouse designed for a high level of protection and hygiene
  • Silicone casing with IP68 (total immersion) rating
  • 72.00 €
Medical applications:
Operating theatres, dental practices, laboratories, medical professions
Industrial applications :
Food industry, clean rooms, Wet or dirty environments, marine, etc.
Wireless mouse

WM 118

  • Wireless mouse with dongle – Plug & Play
  • IP68 – Made of silicone, easy to clean
  • Central wheel, standard right and left click
  • 88.00 €



Designed for professional use, TACTYS keyboards offer unparalleled features in many respects.

The features of our touchscreen keyboards combine innovation, hygienic and design.
Tactys keyboards are intended for use on PCs or Macs running Windows, Linux or Mac OS and are computer peripherals that meet the usual specifications for keyboards. However, due to their special design, touch sensitivity and glass material, our keyboards have unique features developed by our electronics engineers to make them easier to use and more ergonomic.
Optimisation of hygiene
To enable this, a Lock/in function has been integrated into the keyboard. By combining the « Fn » key and the « Delete » key, the keyboard is locked (a red LED lights up) and the glass surface can be washed without codes being sent to the keyboard. Unlocking is done by repeating the same key combination. This process is fast and allows frequent cleaning of the keyboard. This locking function is also activated automatically when an object touches the keyboard.
The touch sensitivity setting has been designed to allow the use of gloves for even greater asepsis. Our smooth and tempered glass keypads are also waterproof to IP65 and resistant to all disinfectants.
Ergonomic ease of use
The TapTop function facilitates touch input. TapTop indicates the key, even if the finger position is vague. + Typing on a flat, hard surface does not feel like pressing a key. An adjustable beep indicates when the key is pressed. Even with keypads, it can happen that touching two keys simultaneously with the finger triggers the printing of two characters on the screen. With the TAPTOP function, the touch keyboard automatically corrects the pressure on the keys and prevents the unintentional simultaneous pressing of two adjacent keys. It offers a smooth and precise typing experience.
Tapping triggers a beep to confirm the entry. The volume of this beep is adjustable and can be completely blocked.
Depending on the user and how they type on the keyboard, the touch sensitivity can be set to 5 levels. Some people will only want to touch the glass surface, others will press harder. The adjustable sensitivity allows everyone to adapt the keyboard to the intensity of their touch.
XXL touchpad – 78 x 45 mm with right and left click.
Description of the special keys
Tactys keyboards are available in many languages