Read the Sinner Circle

Read the Sinner Circle
Compared to silicone, glass is the best solution for decontamination because of its extremely smooth and disinfectable surface. The raised keys of silicone keyboards make perfect cleaning and satisfactory elimination of bacteria impossible. According to the « Sinner Circle », presented in 1959 by the German chemist Dr. Herbert Sinner, the disinfection of a surface requires four interrelated actions.
Chemical action: the action of a cleaning product (spray or disinfectant wipes).
Mechanical action (scrubbing): This serves mainly to loosen and remove dirt particles. In this way, the effectiveness of the chemicals is increased.
Action time: This is the time required for the detergent to react with the dirt particles to remove them, or the time required for a disinfectant to render a micro-organism ineffective.
Thermal effect: this is the effect of the heat of the product used.

It is clear that the mechanical effect of friction is only effective on a smooth surface, such as glass. The relief of silicone keyboards prevents this mechanical action, so that disinfection can only be insufficient.

This is why Tactys has specialized in disinfectable glass keyboards and manufactures.