TACTYS has been manufacturing aseptic glass touchscreen keyboards since 2006. The washable keyboard is a very effective way of preventing the transmission of viruses by hand. Thanks to its perfectly smooth and washable surface, it is immediately disinfected between two manipulations.


Keyboards – a breeding ground for germs and bacteria Mechanical keyboards contain many spaces where germs can grow. Read more

Glass touch keyboards prevent this type of contamination, are sanitized and are particularly suitable for the following areas of use:
In medical areas to combat nosocomial infections from the operating theatre to the recovery room, from the emergency room to the orthodontics department, etc.
Clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
With the recent introduction of the Covid 19 and the increased hygiene standards for all, it also meets the need for cleanable keyboards in the service sector, maintenance departments, universities, administrations… wherever keyboards are used by several people.

In medizinischen Bereichen zur Bekämpfung von Krankenhausinfektionen


Reinräume der Pharmaindustrie


Since the recent appearance of the Covid 19 and the tightened hygiene standards for all, it also meets the needs of cleanable keyboards in the tertiary sector, e.g. maintenance departments, universities, administrations…. everywhere where keyboards are used by several people.

Glass vs Silicone, the competition

How the Pasteur Institute demonstrated the superiority of glass
Silicone keyboards are difficult to clean. The raised keys prevent satisfactory removal of bacteria. Compared to silicone, glass is the best solution for decontamination because of its extremely smooth surface.
Why does a completely smooth surface offer better disinfection?

Customized keyboards

TACTYS, as a specialist in human-machine interfaces based on capacitive technology, develops custom-made keyboards and applications according to its customers’ specifications.

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